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Sleeping in

It's always nice to sleep in and cuddle with the nice, soft, cool, fluffy pillow even when the sun is up and it's time to get up for school. Screw the world! I want to sleep in. Heck the classes! I need my sleep! And that's what i did today.

I whacked my alarm clock and snuggled right back under the covers an entered my dream fantasy world, one that did not involve getting up so damn early when the sky was still dark. When i woke up, my stomach was growling. Turns out it's lunchtime.

I felt much refreshed, and i'm quite sure students will be more focused in school if only it started in the faternoon or at night. Mebbe i'm just an owl - a might person. Oh well, I think i'll take a short nap now.

Maybe i'll just go hang around on the branches with my other fellow three-toed sloths.



It was pouring outside. Cats and dogs. And I was trapped in the subway. No way to get to school. Well, i had to brave the strong winds and even if i did make it, i would be totally drenched by the time i got to school. Bloody hell. It was a crappy day.

Oh yar, i had my umbrella with me. But the girl beside me didn't. *opportunity knocks* I pretended to look around. Sounding totally casual in my gruffest voice, "hey girl, you going to school?" There was a tinge of assertiveness. "Here, i have an umbrella, take it, i'll brave the rain."

While she's still stunned, smile and say "just kidding. Let's go." And she shared the umbrella with me all the way to school.

Remember, approach her from your right and hold the umbrella in your left hand. "Are you getting wet?" - Sounding concerned that her right side might be out of the umbrella's protective field. Recall that your left arm is holding the umbrella, so now use your right arm to pull her in and of course this ends with your arm around her shoulder.

Since she fells indebted to you for the umbrella and she might think you're genuinely concerned, naturally she won't feel odd or anything. Look her in the eye and smile a cheeky smile to seal it. Don't forget to make small talk on the way. Common suffering bonds quickly.

When i reached school, "hey i gotta rush. Btw, what's your number? you owe me one, so just in case i need an umbrella next time i can give you a call." memorises number. "Well, see you around." Wave and go and don't turn back.

I love rainy days.


American Idol 7

Well well... Guess who's gonna get kicked off? I certainly hope it's her.


Movie: August Rush

Great movie! It's very touching, almost moved me to tears. Great music, great performance. Was also very inspiring, and sends the powerful message to pursue your passion with an intensity so great that you "love it more than food". 2 thumbs up! To watch, click here.


Lame excuse #12

Please excuse Jennifer for missing school yesterday. We forgot to get the Sunday paper off the porch, and when we found it on Monday, we thought it was Sunday.


Don't sweat the small stuff

Recently i came across this book while i was slacking away in the student's lounge: Don't sweat the small stuff... and it's all small stuff. How true it is! Why worry about school work and assignments and exams? Heck it,man! There are bigger things in life and other fun stuff like chilling out, catching a movie with friends... The stress out on us by parents and teachers are really quite unnecessary. I mean, it's like you life is gonna be DOOMED if you don't study. Seriously. *Rolls eyes*

Some useful tips from the book:
  1. Ask yourself the question: will this matter a year from now? If it doesn't, then there's no point brooding over it right? I mean, who gives a damn if you cut a class or 2?
  2. Surrender yourself to the fact that life isn't fair. Well... some people are smart, some people are not. Some are better at other stuff. So there's no point comparing yourself to people better at some stuff and stressing yourself. Chill man.
  3. Be happy where you are. Don't postpone your happiness.Choose to be happy immediately. It doesn't matter what is happening outside you - parents nagging, teachers cursing, homework piling - you can choose to be happy inside. That is something they can't take away from us. :)
That's all for today, and till we meet again, just chillax and don't sweat the small stuff!


Zoning Out

Been quite busy lately, with midterms just done and the horrendous results pouring in.
Today I'm gonna talk abt "Zoning Out" - a term used to describe a state of mind when you get real dreamy and everything around you seems to be moving in slow motion and you can roughly hear sounds and stuff, but the thing is you have absolutely no idea what the teacher just said. Or for that matter, anything that just happened. It's like a gap in your memory.

Usually, this occurs when i really lack sleep - like today. And it doesn't help that the lesson is damn boring. ZZZZzzzzzzzz.......... Oh sorry. Where was I? Oh yar. We were talking about zoning out right? Ok, so if you really feel like zoning out, what can you do?
  1. Take 50 short breaths without exhaling
  2. Sit up straight and look up for 10 seconds
  3. Tap your thymus
  4. Stand up and sit down 5 times
  5. Make yourself uncomfortable, eg cross your legs the other way, or fold your arms a different way from the way you usually do